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At Suite Capital , We provide free and unbiased analysis on all banking products, helping our customers to make an informed and strategic decision.
Our service has saved our customers the hassle of running from bank to bank to look for the best rates. We explore the risk and return for each customer, follow by customisation to suit business needs.

In addition, We provide a consultative approach to our customers. Many of our customers find our service so useful that they want us to help them track their loans, just to make sure they will always be getting the best rates. Its not a one time service but a life time relationship.



We were desperate to get into the property market, but our budget was tight. Suite Capital managed to work their magic and help us get finance. They responded to every challenge we had and went above and beyond the call of duty. It has been a pleasure dealing with Suite Capital and we would not hesitate recommending them.

Why Choose Us


Every day we strive to provide the best for our families. But life is unpredictable. Sometime, no matter how hard we try, unexpected events can undermine everything we have worked hard for.

A good planning needs to be flexible enough to meet your evolving needs and enable you to continue fulfilling your dreams without worry.

Getting a loan should not be a hassle but it is important that borrowers are informed of the choices they make. You should be given sufficient information that will help you make smart decisions. This is what Suite Capital does, and much more.

Suite Capital, the well-known Singapore loan advisor company provides all financial solutions that you need. Our expert SME loan broker will help you for loan financing, sme financing, corporate financing and all financial services in Singapore.

Suite Capital financial solutions are one of the most sought after in Singapore as we offer attentive services courtesy of our mortgage specialists. We undergo a comprehensive review of your financial standing so that you know whether you will pursue with your loan or which loan type should work best for you. More importantly, we provide you free and unbiased analysis on all loan products so you can make informed and strategic decisions.

Among the services we offer are the following:
• Singapore Home Loans – You will know more about home loans and how you can take advantage of this loan type.
• Commercial Property Loans – Attractive rates are what we are proud of when it comes to commercial property loans.
• Business Loans – For your growing business, we offer business loans especially designed for you.
• Mortgage Refinancing – When you have a loan for such a long time, this is when mortgage refinancing should be considered. Know the reason why.
• Home Equity – This is a loan that you should take advantage of.
• Other Customised Solution – It’s not all about loans. There are other personalised services that you should know.

Get nothing but the best deals when you are with Suite Capital. We give you the rates of various banks so you don’t have to shop around to find which one offers the most attractive rate. We help you keep track of your loans through the consultative approach of our mortgage specialists.

We want our customers to be certain that the products and services that they have chosen are the ones appropriate for them. Personalised service is key to this, that’s why we always strive to create and build long-term relationship with our clients. We are proud to say that over the years, through this personalised service, we have come to understand your needs. Thus, we continue this attentive service and we continuously strive to develop products and services that will serve your best interest.

Contact us if you are looking for attractive rates, or if you want to find everything in just one sitting. Contact us if you want to know where you are financially. Call or email Suite Capital today.

Areas of Expertise


Property Financing

Mortgage Refinancing
Commercial/Industrial Property Loans
HDB/Private Home Loan
Equity Loans

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Business Financing

Unsecured Business Loan
Business overdraft
Trade facilities
Trust Receipt/Invoice Financing
Bankers Guarantee
Private Financing

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Government Assisted Scheme

Micro Loan Programme
Local Enterprise Financing Scheme
Loan Insurance Scheme (LIS) and LIS+

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Personal Loan Solutions

Cash shortfall
Bill Payment
Medical expenses
Basic expenses

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Invoice Financing

Invoice financing is a great solution to this problem and is a source of funding open to business owners.

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Custom Solutions

Aside from being one of the leading mortgage brokers in Singapore, Suite Capital also offers financial solutions for clients who are searching for coaching when it comes to money matters.

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Local and Foreign Banks