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“Client” refers to you as an end user of the website or services provided by Suite Capital.

“Company” refers to Suite Capital or Suite Capital Pte Ltd.

“Employees” refers to any person working for Suite Capital, such as its directors, officers, agents, contractors, and other staff or personnel of the company.

“Site” refers to the Suite Capital’s website.

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Any information or personal financial data shared with Suite Capital shall contemplate as a fiduciary arrangement that all or particular personal financial data is entrusted to Suite Capital to be used as information to potential lenders that the company finds as compatible with your financial information. Suite Capital shall in no way share or distribute your personal information.

If in pursuance of an on-going investigation, or issuance of a court order, Suite Capital becomes legally bound to present to court any of your personal or confidential information, you are deemed to have renounced the confidentiality of such information.

The veracity and reliability of personal data or information submitted to Suite Capital shall be your sole responsibility.

Suite Capital collects information from all users of the site, such as the type of computer used, the browser name and other non-personal information solely for the purpose of security and shall in no way use this information for other purposes.

Suite Capital is not endorsed by any bank, lender or other financial institutions. The services provided for by this company does not guarantee that all expected loan terms and rates shall be made in the clients favour. Furthermore, consulting with this company does not establish your company’s eligibility. All loan agreements, terms and rates offered by lenders or banks are dependent on various factors such as market conditions, credit profile, and your company’s qualifications. For this reason, available loan terms vary at any given period.

No act or promise shall constitute as an implied or express offer from Suite Capital that it can negotiate with a bank or lender to cater to your specific loan terms. Suite Capital can only ensure that banks or lenders it will recommend shall be based on the loan terms are best or suitable to its client at the time of consultation.

Articles, reports or research written in this site shall not be considered as a loan advice. All reports and research must be used with caution as such articles may not be completely accurate or timely. Such articles must be regarded as mere guides and should be used for educational purposes only. It is still highly recommended that loans be decided on the basis of the advice of loan consultants.

Suite Capital shall not be liable for any costs or payments required by the bank or lender to process a client’s loan. Any form of expense or fee related to the processing or arrangement of the loan agreement shall be paid for by you.

Suite Capital shall not charge a client if, for any reason, the client does not make any loan agreement with banks or lenders proposed by the company, unless an agreement between you and the company is made stating the contrary.

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If by reason of this breach, any charge, claims, or suit is filed by third parties against the company, you must hold yourself solidarily liable to the said claims and release the company from all liabilities arising of your violation.

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