Loan and Financial Consultancy

How Loan and Financial Consultancy Work


Loan and financial consultants act as intermediary or as the middleman between you, the borrower, and financial institutions like banks. At Suite Capital, we have the best trained loan and financial consultants who are experts on using various tools and methods available to today’s consumers.


Different banks and financial institutions have different loan structures and varying interest rates. At Suite Capital, we are familiar with these discrepancies and can best guide you in choosing the best deal in the market to address your needs.


Steps in Loan and Financial Consultancy


Step 1: Approach a Suite Capital Loan consultant.


Step 2: Tell us your needs. At Suite Capital, we can assist you with home loans, mortgage refinancing, home equity loans, commercial property loans, business loans, hire purchase agreements and many more. It depends on what your needs are.


Step 3: Risk assessment. We evaluate your current financial situation if you are indeed eligible to qualify for the type of loan or financial tool that you need.


Step 4: Choosing the best deal for you. There are a lot of different deals with different financial institutions. Suite Capital can help speed up the process of you going from bank to bank to find the deal that will best suit your needs.


Step 5: Processing. Different banks and financial institutions require different risk assessment, with processing time that varies from around 2 weeks to a month. With Suite Capital, we ensure fast delivery. We will also constantly update you regarding the status of your application.


Benefits of Loan/Financial Consultancy with Suite Capital


  1. Saves you time and effort.


Going from one bank to another takes a lot of time. In order to asses which bank can serve you best, you have to go online and study their products, talk to their representatives, and go over tons of paperwork.


At Suite Capital, we know the stress and hassle that people go through when choosing which bank to go to in order to best address their needs. That is why we make everything easier and simpler for you.

  1. Expert assistance.


As a premier loan consultant company, we are fully equipped to guide you through the process of your loan application. From choosing the best deals to dealing with your ever changing financial needs, you can be assured that Suite Capital will help you.


  1. Unbiased Advice.


At Suite Capital, we provide an impartial service to our clients. We are not biased toward any bank since we do not work for one. Rest assured, we will find you the best deal in the market.



Want to know more? Get the information you need by speaking with our expert sme and bank loan consultants in Singapore. Call or email Suite Capital today!



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