It’s High Time to Spring Clean Your Finances

When it’s all sunny outside all you can think of is a nice deal of basking under the sun and some long stretches of beach holidays. For some, it’s also time for scouring their homes, as certainly dusts would flock to the walls and furniture, given that sunny days are the complete opposite of winter. However, for others, this is also the perfect time for brushing the dusts off their finances, or anything that has to do with money.

Here are things that you must do to have your finances right for, and even after the spring:

  • Start with your budget.

Your budget is the core of your finances, so starting with this is nonetheless reasonable. Now, ask yourself: have you been careless with your budgeting the past months? Are there any categories in your budget plan that needs abolition? Don’t be afraid to tweak your budget. Doing such is like editing a manuscript or sharpening a pencil, it helps you get closer and closer to what you really want to achieve. And in this case: economy and better spending. Experts also agree that budgeting also means creating your financial calendar—as this is the beginning of better budgeting system for the next years to come.

  • Remind yourself to pay everything that needs to be paid.

Have you updated yourself on the home loans you need to pay this month? Have you checked up on your insurance policies? Are there any policies that need to be upgraded? If not, then it’s time to do what needs to be done. It’s pay time!

Moreover, “Life and Death” author and CPA Stacy Johnson says that having your savings contributions automatic makes your life easier. Hence, according to her, it’s time to have your money taken out of every pay check for savings before you see it. You must automate your bill-paying.”

  • Organise your files.

Spring reminds us the end of the tax season. For this reason, it should also remind us to have these files kept. Typically, tax bureaus ask at least three years of record from the taxpayers, so it would be better if you would start organising your files. This is also a good time for shredding or throwing away records that are now useless, say, tax records from the last two decades, or your dead parents’ financial records.

  • Have your credit report checked.

Your credit score is important as banks and financial institutions use this a yardstick whether you are credit-worthy or not. Order your free credit report and pay for your credit score this spring, as most financial experts would suggest it. It seems early but it’s an ideal time to review your report for mistakes. Being this early would give you time to fix your score, especially if you have plans of loaning in the upcoming months.

In conclusion, spring season is the right time to prepare, to go over your budget and other money-related plans, to look for errors and to fix them. Indeed, it’s easier to plan and fix things up if the weather outside is perfectly fine—it’s not as bad as winter that tells you to just sprawl on the bed, before the fireplace. Enjoy spring!


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