Invoice Financing

Suite Capital Helps with Invoice Financing


Does your business need cash but your money is tied up with receivables?

Do you want to improve your cash flow without adding to your debt?


Invoice financing is a great solution to this problem and is a source of funding open to business owners. It is the process of selling your invoices to banks or other financial institutions at a discount for immediate cash. It is a great way to improve your current cash flow, especially if your clients’ next payments are more than 60 days away.


Benefits of Invoice Financing


Your company can benefit in a number of different ways with Invoice Financing:


  1. Improved Cash Flow – Instead of waiting for your customers to pay in the next 30 or 60 days, you can have immediate access to cash by selling your invoices at an agreed discount with a bank or a financial institution.


  1. Provides Stability – Since you don’t have to wait for your customers to pay you in the future, you can better manage your present and future expenses by having access to more funding in the present.


  1. No Increase in Debt – Invoice financing is not a business loan, and it won’t appear as a debt in your credit sheet. This can actually help you in the future when you consider taking out a loan with a bank.


  1. Being Competitive – Knowing that you can sell your invoices for immediate cash you can stay competitive with other companies and offer better payment schedules for potential customers.


  1. Flexibility in the Use of Funds – Since invoice financing is not a loan, you are not constrained in the way you spend your money. It can be used for capital investment, restocking your inventory, etc. It’s up to you.


  1. Unlimited Source of Funds – There is no minimum and maximum for the number of invoices you can sell. Sell as much as you want to have more access to cash for your business.



Different banks and financial Institutions have different rates for invoice financing, Suite Capital can help speed up the process of shopping around for the best deals for your company. Bank employees just want to make the deal, they won’t offer you the best rates with Suite Capital you are assured that we will find the best rates for you. Contact Suite Capital for Invoice Financing






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