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Loan Consultants are intermediaries. When you need financing, be it secured or unsecured, they mediate between you and the banks. Loan Consultant ensure their clients get the best possible loans, the lowest interest rates and predict problems. They will also analyse the risk and profile of each company, tailoring different needs for them.
Bankers work for Bank and get a commission when they sell you a loan. A good consultant are not biased toward any bank and don’t work for any bank. They speed up your loan approval and know where to find the best deal. Its hassle free, you do need to run around finding a competent banker to serve you. Last but not least, you don’t pay until you get what you want! Sounds Fair?
For business financing related matters, we will assess base on your company profile and the risk you have. We will give you a fair assessment of your company’s eligibility and from there we will allocate the charges accordingly.

For Mortgage related matters, it’s Free of Charge!
Different banking facilities require different risk assessment thus it varies from 2 weeks to 1 month. Of course, our service will ensure fast delivery and constant update of status.
Yes, loan mortgage brokers get the loan referral from bank after getting you the best deal in the market.
We are here to help you reach for greater savings!

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