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Women and Loaning in Singapore: What’s the score?

  If we were in the olden days, it would certainly be not hard to imagine that there exists no loaning and financial assistance for a woman in Singapore. But times have changed, and women, at least in most parts of the world and in Singapore, are enjoying what only men used to enjoy: the

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Beware of these 10 common mortgage mistakes

Applying for mortgage loans can be difficult for first time and repeat home buyers alike. The process takes a lot of time and paperwork that trip up homebuyers on a regular basis. The most unfortunate ones end up getting disqualified by missteps. If you are looking for mortgage loans Singapore it’s best to be wary

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Difference between Refinancing and Repricing your Mortgage

There are times when borrowers in the home loan market may find the need to refinance or reprice their mortgage loans. The most important factor that determines this decision is the allure of lower interest rates, once the new mortgage loan comes into effect. Refinancing and repricing are two different things, however, and there are

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