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Welcome To Suite Capital

Every day we strive to provide the best for our families. But life is unpredictable. Sometime, no matter how hard we try, unexpected events can undermine everything we have worked hard for.

However, with Suite Capital and careful planning, you can safeguard your financial status against whatever mishaps the future may hold.

A good planning needs to be flexible enough to meet your evolving needs and enable you to continue fulfilling your dreams without worry.


Our Skills

Wealth Solutions - 92%
Risk Profiliing - 95%
Customised Financial Solutions - 80%
Financial Planning Reports - 88%

Our Solutions

At Suite Capital , We provide free and unbiased analysis on all banking products, helping our customers to make an informed and strategic decision.
Our service has saved our customers the hassle of running from bank to bank to look for the best rates. We explore the risk and return for each customer, follow by customisation to suit business needs.

In addition, We provide a consultative approach to our customers. Many of our customers find our service so useful that they want us to help them track their loans, just to make sure they will always be getting the best rates. Its not a one time service but a life time relationship.
HDB/Private Home Financing
Commercial/Industrial Property Financing
Mortgage Refinancing
Business Financing
Government Scheme Assisted Scheme
Other Customised Solution