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Mortgage Refinancing

Have interest rates fallen? Or do you expect them to go up? Look at your existing loan contract and check if you are out of the lock in period. Our Business development executive will run through the papers and check on the eligibility. If it's the right time to refinance, we will assist and direct you to the bank with the best rates in town.
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Commercial/Industrial Property Loans

Looking for new office? or a factory/warehouse? We are able to help you in the financing aspect. We search for the highest quantum and the most attractive rates for you. In some cases, you can even choose to combine it with a Term loan or overdraft facility. Suite capital convert your dreams into reality!
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HDB/Private Home Loans

Own your dream house with flexibility! We work closely with banks to get the best package in town. Not only this, we will provide additional recommendation on good buys and other international mortgages.
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Equity Loans

Looking for some cash out from your existing property but do not know what to do? Our Business development executive will perform an in depth analysis on your residential/commercial properties and give you the best solution. Even with the tighter regulation from the government, not to worry, we will give alternative solution to you.
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